🌱 🌷 🌼 🌹 Welcome to my website! 🌹 🌼 🌷 🌱
A music video screenshot of Rei making heart hands.


This is my website dedicated to what I love! Here you will find information about my selfship as well as other fun stuff. Feel free to sign my guestbook while you're here!



Hello! It's been a while since I made any major updates to this site, mainly because I found employment, but I'd like to get back into doing stuff around here. Right now I'm working on a new shrine page ^_^ Those are always fun projects for me, so I hope to have fun with it. Thank you to anyone who has followed me!


Working on a new project for funsies! It's a WIP right now but feel free to look at the little room I made for Rei. Also attempted to work on mobile accessibility, which mainly included hiding extraneous images so that they don't cover the text and fixing the way some pages were stretched out. Experimenting with the viewport so that the sidebar doesn't automatically get hidden off to the side on mobile (it's still there, but I have to zoom out on my device to see it). Lovemail and Faves should be fully visible instead of getting cut off. Any scripts might be wonky on mobile but I don't know how to fix that. Thanks for following me and happy holidays!


Lots of tweaks here and there, including expanding my Enstars reading log and changing scrollbar colors. I may also make a log for other things I'm watching (lots of magical girl anime). Considering linking my Ravelry in place of the projects page? I'll think about it.


I made the Lovemail page, which is just a page for writing down thoughts about my selfship with Rei. I also changed my menus to iframes for ease of editing. Otherwise, mostly just aesthetic changes here and there. ^_^


Finished making custom styles for my existing shrine pages, as well as new pixel art buttons for them!


Added a featured image box on the side and a shrine page for Kaoru Hakaze :)


Created a Toybox page for all my little collections. I'll probably still keep buttons and stuff on the main page to liven it up.


Created a log for Enstars stories I read, which goes in a new Library hub page along with my favorite-media page, and the Menu got tweaked and rearranged. Exciting stuff for me! Still not sure what to do about that huge bat icon, as I've tried to redraw it a few times and it just doesn't look as good at smaller sizes. I left it on purpose to make Rei's page extra important, but stylistically it bugs me. It makes me batty, even.


Made a section on my About for my buttons and added a music player! It's non-autoplay with a quiet default volume in the hopes of making it as unobtrusive as possible. Thanks to everyone who's followed me so far!


Added a Pinky & Pepper Forever shrine. I've also come back to using Notepad++ for when I need to make new pages, which is a lovely user experience. Considering adding a page for my crochet and knitting projects; Ravelry would probably be more efficient for keeping track of those, but I want something a little more informal.


After lots of fussing, I changed out my top navbar for a sidebar; I think I like the look of this much better, and I don't have to worry about cluttering the bar with too many links. Also added a Links page for others' sites.


Considering this site "done" after working on it for a few weeks, though that just means I feel like I can link it publicly. Still making tweaks to it throughout my day, mostly adding small details and graphics here and there. I'm getting over a cold and itching to have something to do. Maybe I'll give my shrine pages their own looks? We'll see where my indecision takes me.

A purple banner that says: This user loves Rei Sakuma! A smiling sprite of Rei is on the left, and there are bat silhouettes in the background.
Dialogue from a Hamtaro game with a smiling blue and white hamster saying: I'm scared, so I'm playing dead. Don't talk to me. A gif of Princess Latte, the puppy mascot from Healin' Good Pretty Cure, waking up.